Face Electronics is offering a limited number of Patent and Technology License Packages.

Through a means of technology transfer that respects the budget of our Licensees and the time of their key personnel, Face will enable Licensees to understand, design, and (if preferred) manufacture their own Transoners.

Customization Options for these packages are also available.

Patent and Technology License Package

  • License to Make/Have Made and Use for Your Application

An up-front License Fee will apply for the use of Transoner in a given field(s) of use.

Licensees will have the option of buying Transoners from Face or manufacturing Transoners themselves. Face has an established manufacturing process and has a joint venture with a well-established manufacturing partner.

  • Royalty Schedule

Face will negotiate a royalty schedule that rewards volume throughput and early commercialization of Transoner.

  • 12 Week Transoner University

Twelve modules are available that will be presented live via Internet to licensed companies. These interactive modules will be presented weekly in 2-1/2 to 3 hour sessions. Some of the modules to be presented are

-Transoner Fundamentals and Characteristics
-Integrating Transoner into Your Application
-Designing the Transoner that is Best for Your Application
-Manufacturing Transoner

Face and other industry experts comprise a virtual faculty that will transfer the technology to your engineers and technicians.

To learn more, contact your Transoner representative.

  • 12 Hours Private Tutoring

There will be specific issues and questions that are unique to your application. The virtual faculty of Transoner University will be available to address these issues and questions in order to expedite your commercialization of this exciting technology.

  • Transoner Samples (standard design)

You may need Transoners to work with in your R&D laboratory. Face has the capability to produce these samples in a controlled manufacturing environment and can make them available to your engineers. Of course, not all designs of every type can be produced immediately. Therefore, Face will offer a standard design that can be used for testing and experimentation for a variety of applications. Customized samples are available through the Customization Options offered below.

  • Access to New Piezo Transformer (PT) Technology Developments

Face Electronics is continually enhancing the product line and has developed unique designs that are ideally suited for specific applications. Your license gives you preferred access to Face innovation and design capabilities.

Customization Options

  • Exclusive or Non-exclusive Access to Face Scientists and Engineers

Face will craft the working relationship you desire. Your engineers can develop the technology and application in your lab with the transfer of knowledge through Transoner University, or you can take advantage of Face’s extensive experience and knowledge base by contracting our scientists and engineers. There are two options;

One is to contract a block of Face time to work toward your objectives, regardless of who else we may be working with on any given application.

Another option is to establish an exclusive engineering arrangement with Face so that you can ensure a head-start on the commercialization of your application.

  • Teaming Agreements

You can link Face scientists and engineers on-site with your technology team. Face can make lab space in our R & D Center available to our clients so that we can join forces to expedite commercialization.

  • Preferred Access to Applications Intellectual Property

Face continues to develop Transoner technology for specific applications. Much of this intellectual property will be made available to our clients, which can shorten the time to market.

  • Many More Options

Face is interested in doing business with aggressive, forward thinking companies that are looking for innovative technology. We will craft a business relationship that is mutually beneficial. Contact your Transoner representative to find out how you can participate in this exciting growth opportunity