Face Electronics has established a number of business and academic affiliations to accelerate the commercialization and to expand the understanding of Transoner technology. Our list of partners continues to grow as Transoner becomes better known throughout the world.

Maida Development Company

Face Electronics has signed a Joint Venture agreement with Maida Development Company of Hampton, Virginia to produce Transoner. In business since 1947, Maida specializes in the custom design and fabrication of a wide variety of electronic ceramic disk components. Their expertise extends from ceramic powder formulation through finished devices. Maida’s engineering experience and manufacturing capabilities make them an ideal partner in the effort to support potential users of Transoner in application development and manufacturing.

Center for Power Electronics Systems (CPES)

The National Science Foundation Center for Power Electronics Systems at Virginia Tech began conducting a characterization study of Transoner in 1999. Funded in part by a grant from Virginia’s Center for Innovative Technology, the first published findings of the CPES project are now available, including a CPES paper on Radial Vibration Mode Piezoelectric Transformers.

Dr. Fred C. Lee, Director of the CPES center and1998 IEEE “Man of the Year” in Power Electronics had this to say about Transoner:

[With Transoner's] small size, low cost, rugged construction, high efficiency and breakdown voltage…[the] potential demand for Transoner powered ballasts, and its impact on the performance, reliability and cost of products employing Transoner technology is huge. [W]e expect sales of Transoner products, including Transoner circuit assemblies, will be limited only by Face’s ability to market its products and meet market demand.

Magsoft Corporation

Software to design both Transoner and Transoner circuitry is being developed through a joint effort of Face Electronics, CPES, and software designer Magsoft Corporation. Based on finite or boundary analysis, Magsoft’s electromagnetic and thermal modeling software is designed to take a product from design to development quickly and easily. This capability will reduce Transoner application development roadblocks, improve efficiency, extend technical capabilities and reduce product time-to-market.

Darnell Group

Darnell Group is the leading source for worldwide strategic information covering the full spectrum of power electronics. They specialize in economic/business analysis of emerging power electronics markets and technologies. Jeff Shepard, on the staff at Darnell, is a member of the board of Face Electronics.

Virginia’s Center for Innovative Technology

Virginia’s Center for Innovative Technology was established in the mid-1980′s to foster technology development in the Commonwealth of Virginia and to shorten the time it takes for developments to benefit industry. CIT’s mission has been to accelerate economic growth in the state by strengthening the ties between universities and industry. Face Electronics has worked closely with CIT and their Technical Development Centers at universities within the Commonwealth (like Virginia Tech’s CPES) to conduct product-oriented research.

University of New York, Buffalo

SUNY/AB’s Power and Power Conditioning Institute conducts research on enabling factors in insulation life of materials and systems (energy storage, filter, and high frequency capacitors; polymer laminates; impregnating fluids; and pulse transformers/magnetics). The Institute has conducted preliminary research on Transoner that will add to its understanding, especially in the area of product reliability.

Walter J. Sarjeant, James Clerk Maxwell Professor of Power Technology and Director, Power and Power Conditioning Institute at the Sate University of New York at Buffalo had this to say about Transoner:
“The technology operates on the passive principle of acoustic piezoresonance, tempered in bandwidth by your unique application of transmission principles to this transducer technology. Since either resonant or bandpass operation can be achieved…the technology is clearly multipurpose for both the power and communications field[s]…The potential for use of this new technology is quite broad, impacting mainly the power electronics market, whose present sales of supplies exceed $500 m[illion] per annum today, at the lower power levels.”

Customers and Licensees

Face Electronics has issued a license to a prestigious Asian firm to produce, use, and sell Transoner applications. Discussions with European and North American companies which would reserve rights to Transoner technology are ongoing. These discussions involve a wide range of Transoner applicatoins…from automotive to lighting. Transoner Patent and Technology License packages are available which include the right to make/have made and use Transoner as well as comprehensive education and instruction to enable licensees to fast track commercialization of the technology.