Transoners are smaller in size with higher power ratings than a comparable conventional wire-wound transformer. Lab demonstrations have shown tremendous improvements of Transoner over magnetic and piezoelectric transformers in a wide variety of applications. Face Electronics has developed several product prototype and proof of concept demonstrators for a cold-cathode fluorescent lamp (CCFL) application using Transoner as the power source. This application achieves higher power levels and efficiency in a small size not found in the current CCFL market. CCFL is the Company’s most fully developed line of Transoners. Transoner specifications tabled for different lamps currently found in the market place clearly show the versatility and benefits of this exciting new technology.

Comparison of a conventional DC-AC inverter used to power a dual lamp with a Face Electronics power Transoner

Transoner Model CCFL S-007B

Transoner Model CCFL S-012

Model CCFL S-012

Transoner Model CCFL Q-1

Transoner Model CCFL Q-2