Face® Electronics, a Face Company, presents



The Transoner® is a patented, extraordinarily powerfull piezoelectric transformer (PT).

These new electrical energy transmission devices are electromechanical, not electromagnetic. Transoners are useful in applications involving power conversion, power switching, and wide band signal processing.

Unlike the more common Rosen type PTs that are presently on the market, Transoner has many times the power capacity (80 watts and more) — with superior power density.


Transoners can operate in two distinct modes.

In the resonant mode, Transoners exhibit high voltage gain and significant power transfer. Useful for power conversion and power switching, these Power Transoners can be designed to be either isolating or non-isolating.

In the non-resonant mode, Wide Band Transoner is suitable for telecommunications or signal processing applications from voice to high speed data transmission.


Transoner was invented while a Face engineering team was developing circuitry for a vibrating concrete tool. They noted strange behavior in the circuit and investigated further. It was immediately evident to the engineers that the behavior of the piezoelectric elements had not been previously observed by researchers anywhere. The phenomenon they discovered led to the revolutionary Transoner family of patented piezoelectric transformers.

The Transoner technology has been validated by leading world experts.